Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Update report on EU Code on Conduct

As reported earlier, the EU is proposing a Code of Conduct for the regulation of Not for Profit Organizations (NPOs). An initial draft has been published by the European Commission and was opened for public consultation, during which ECNL also submitted its comments. For the Draft Recommendations, its background, ECNL comments and related links please see http://www.ecnl.org/index.php?part=14news&nwid=35 and ECNL Comments on Draft Recommendations (78 Kb).Public consultation of this discussion document ended on September 19, 2005. On this occasion, the UK, as the current President of the European Union, hosted a one-day workshop in London to discuss the draft Code and issues arising from what it proposes. ECNL’s representative attended this event and here we are attaching a summary report of the outcome of the discussions. The report is not an official memorandum of the meeting, only a summary of observations of our representative.
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