Monday, November 28, 2005

ECOFIN (Budget) Council Conclusions 24 November 2005

Main Results of the Council The Council held a conciliation meeting with a delegation from the European Parliament to examine the EU's draft general budget for 2006. Despite major progress in bringing positions closer together, representatives of the two institutions were unable to reach total agreement at this stage, and the Council postponed its second reading of the draft budget.
The Council adopted without discussion joint actions providing for the establishment of an EU police advisory team in Macedonia until next June, and continuation until the end of 2007 of the EU police mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Statement by the Presidency on the failure to reach agreement on the 2006 Budget

Read the full text (provisional version):

Provisional Conclusions: ECOFIN (Budget) 24 November 2005 (PDF, 189 KB)

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