Thursday, December 22, 2005

Europe scores with the '.eu' !

Did you know that the EU got its own '. eu' internet domain on 7 December? On the eve of the registration day, about 100 000 '.eu' requests had already been registered
If you want to know all about this new saga, pay a visit to the Information Society website of the European Commission!
A general fact sheet, a technical fact sheet and the Frequently Asked Questions will keep you up-to-date with all the '.eu' news.
The registration process will happen in three stages: during the first two months – called 'sunrise' period – the registration of '.eu' names will be reserved to trademark holders and public bodies. From 7 February to 6 April 2006 registration will be open to other applicants, f.i. company names, unregistered trademarks or works of art. Registration will be open to all from 7 April.
How can you register? It is a piece of cake. You just need to get in touch with one of the 779 registration offices around the world, from the United States to Japan. These offices are accredit by EURid, a non-profit organisation which has been selected by the European Commission to manage the '.eu' domain name.
How much will this cost? During the 'sunrise' period the basic fee charged by EURid will be of €10. It will cost an additional €35 for public bodies, €45 for trademark holders and €85 for other types of domain names. '.eu' applicants will also need to pay about €100 to their registration office.
Uptil now the most popular domain names are '', '', but also '', '', '' and ''.

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