Friday, December 02, 2005

Conference "Balkan Caucasus Programme", 18-22 December 2005, Macedonia

Community Development Institute - Tetovo starts with implementation of the Balkan Caucasus program. This initiative of collaboration and building partnership between the Balkan and Caucasus region started in November 2002 during the discussion among the participants from the Balkans and Caucasus at the DLP forum organized by the Community Development Institute (CDI) - YIC. In August 2003, at the conference "Building Balkan and Caucasus NGO network" organized by the project partners, a declaration has been signed and the principles for further collaboration were established.
The objectives of the programme are: to establish links and to forge more effective cross border collaboration between young leaders and NGOs from the Balkan and Caucasus countries; to provide training for the DLP alumnus and Balkan Caucasus NGO network Members in mediation and negotiation skills to be used in their further youth work; to create a comprehensive data base about methods, tools and case studies used in the Balkans and Caucasus countries by the youth political leaders for confidence building measures.
The participants are welcomed to propose topics of their interest within the frame of the program described. In general, the topics will cover the following issues:
Youth building peace and intercultural dialogue.
Integration processes and inter-ethnic stability.
Multiethnic society - advantages and disadvantages. Lessons learned.
Case studies.
Issues of common interest and possibilities for joint approach and collaboration.
The training component of the introductory event will cover the following topics: "Negotiation and mediation skills". Total number expected to take part at this meeting, including the participants, local staff members,speakers, translators and others is 40 people.
The target audience will be young leaders; DLP alumnus and BC network members from the Balkans and the Caucasus.
Working language of the conference is English. The travel expenses and accommodation will be covered by the organizer.
The application form is available upon request.
For more information please click here or contact the Community Development Institute Macedonia ( Contact person: Sreten Koceski, tel. +389-70-250-286, e-mail

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