Friday, October 27, 2006

Тhe Draft Strategy for Public Information and Communication has been presented

On 25 October 2006, the new Draft-Strategy for Public Information and Communication in the Process of European Union Integration of the Republic of Macedonia 2006-2010 was presented. The presentation took place in the building of the Government of Republic of Macedonia.The event was opened by the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for European Affairs, Gabriela Konevska Trajkovska. She stressed that the EU membership is not a strategic priority of the government only, but also of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, which is confirmed by the support of 90 % for EU accession.“The goal of this Strategy is to raise the general level of knowledge abut the EU Integration Process. This Strategy will inform, educate, unite and mobilize towards the fulfilment of the EU idea. This approach is in line with the EU documents on public communication”, Konevska-Trajkovska outlined.“The government needs a clear strategy and a consistent message to convince the people at home that the short term pain of real reform is outweighed by the long term gain of real membership. And it needs a similar strategic approach to the external message that Macedonia is making the real changes needed to qualify for membership”, the Ambassador of Great Britain, Robert Chatterton Dickson said. “It is important every effort to be made from the earliest possible opportunity to prepare the public opinion of the challenges of becoming a member of the European family of nations. The support is enormous here, it is over 90%. But, we should keep it high and in order to do so, a lot of work has to be done. That is why this Strategy is very important”, the Head of the EU Mission to the Republic of Macedonia, Erwan Fouéré emphasised.Igor Ilievski, State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is prepared to make active and complete contribution to the successful implementation of this Strategy. This is the right time to develop, conceptualise and implement a comprehensive Strategy for media presentation of the Republic of Macedonia in the EU Member States”.The participants included State Secretaries form the Ministries, persons responsible for public relations, ambassadors from EU Member States as well as representatives from other institutions involved in the EU Integration process.Some of the key projects envisaged by the strategy include:develop a number of “champions” – people well known to the public or specific sectors, and trusted by them - to support Ministers promoting EU messages, These to be selected from the entertainment and sports world, business leaders, academia, and to be provided with programmes of activity and the Briefing/Message sheets
set up an informal consortium – Friends of the EU Process for RM – coordinated by the President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and SEA. The consortium members would include eminent individuals form the EU Member States and would held informal meetings in Macedonia.
establish a virtual library/data bank of visual (photographs and video/DVDs) and audio material on EU issues, and key documents. For media use.
establish and coordinate a network of municipal information officers, through the Association of Units of Local Self Government, as a means of communicating with local communities.
establishment of EU Communication Centre (pool) to conduct a campaign (round table discussions, debates, workshops in the units of local self-government. The Centre would be coordinated by the President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in cooperation with SEA, all ministries and the Association of Units of Local Self-Government.
SEA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture – establishment of EU Cultural Centre (pool) for promotion of Macedonia’s cultural and historical values in the country and abroad.
“We learn about the EU” – SEA and the Ministry of Education – a project aimed at organising regular educational presentations in primary, secondary and higher education institutions.
“EU and the Business” – SEA and the Ministry of economy – under coordination of the Deputy prime Minister responsible for Economic Affairs – a project aimed at organising promotional activities and debates about the economic standards, challenges and the expected results.
“The EU Agriculture and RM” – SEA and the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Water Supply – a project aimed at organising a campaign for approximation of the standards to the farmers, educational and promotional concept.

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